Friday, June 19, 2015

Don't take a word

Just now,
As I was working on school,
I suddenly,
Saw it all fall down,
I knew,
All of it for once,
I saw the bigger picture,
I shouldn't have,
Taken your word for it,
I had to look at you,
And I should've known,
What I doubted,
I should've known,
In your eyes,
That you loved me,
Not taken your word,
For it...
Yet the devastatingly part,
Is that my love for words,
Is far beyond,
Any  love a human,
Ever made me feel...
I'll just wait,
For the day,
That I look at you,
And see that you do.

We thought too much,
And felt to little,
But I'd choose for a lot,
Of your little's.

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