Thursday, June 4, 2015

Half a heart

Here I stand,
With half my heart,
in my hand,
The other half,
Is somewhere,
Beneath your calf,
Laying there,
Crushed under,
You feet,
Walking over,
The last shreds,
Not of dignity,
But feeling,
I had for you,
Oh, how I used,
To wish the world,
For you,
And save my love,
For you alone,
Yet no longer,
I will now roam,
The streets to find,
Someone with a,
Half heart,
That is two times,
As kind,
Then your whole heart,
That never even took part,
In what I thought was,
A love.

Nothing was going right, I tuned left. And you stayed on the fence,
Where you always stood. 

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