Sunday, June 7, 2015

Purpose of life.

Maybe we all forgot,
What it is to,
Follow a dream,
As we follow celeberties,
On their instagram account.

Maybe we all forgot,
How it works,
Here in the world,
Where busy with nothing,
Then take a nothing,
When things are to busy.

Maybe we all forgot,
That there is no harm,
In being fearful sometimes,
Is it that big of a sin,
To be scared of being harmed?

Maybe we all forgot,
That time and money,
Is just as much a,
Fabricated measurement,
As a good effort is,
Cause who is to say,
That a fool ain't smart,
Or a poor man ain't rich?

Maybe we all forgot,
That to live,
Is more then merely survive.

Maybe we all forgot,
How to love,
Somewhere along the line,
So I have the feeling,
That you have forgotten,
All of these things as well...

But I would be honoured,
If I may make it my life's purpose,
To make you remember,
All of the little things,
That make us fall in love,
With our lives again.

Picture I took in Belgium near the border of Germany and Luxemburg.
"No matter how long the road, one step at a time,
Will take you where my bones call  the ground I rest on mine."

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