Saturday, June 6, 2015

Everything you said you'd never


When you told me you would never lie to me, but that was a lie. It where all lies I just didn't knew at the time you could do so when you looked me strait in the eye. Who would've known?


As you told me how proud you where that you never cheated on her, but before the moment passed you tried to kiss me, yet forgot to told me you had a new girlfriend replacing me...


When we had a conversation about what we wanted in life, our hopes, our dreams, not to mention our fears. You were so afraid to become stuck in one place doing a job you hated, becoming average... Just cause then your momma and daddy would be pleased. Now look at you, you Pleased everyone but yourself. 

I was so in love with you... Yet when I witnessed these three moments I knew, you were no longer the person I once used to know. You turned into everything you always said you wouldn't.

I was so in love with you... But you just don't exist anymore.

The pieces no longer fit together....

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