The death of you

Sunlight iluminates my skin,
Toes wiggle in the sand,
His eyes meet mine,
As the game begins,
I will use all means to an end,
So that he will be temted,
To come closer,
Sunscreen does not block,
The heat my lips are spreading,
The salt in our sweating,
No sound will be heard,
When you ask me for my heart,
You ain't getting nothing for free,
But darling, that's why,
I am where you want to be,
My smile awakes the summer,
As the breeze makes you feel cold,
How could you ever known,
It was not the air, but my heart,
That was frozen,
I asked you to fall with me,
But as you fell,
I kept my feet,
Where I could smash your heart,
Broken into pieces,
It will be burried,
Under the sand of the strand,
I want to be,
The death of you,
Even when we can't,
I will be the death of you.

Sunlight illuminates my skin...
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