She stood on the other side of the room,
I could see in her eyes,
That she was so busy dancing,
She had not seen me yet,
I loved those moments,
Where she was so intensely living,
That she had no idea,
What was happing with those,
Who are surrounding her,
Somedays she'd made me feel,
As if I where always running behind her,
Trying to catch her in my hand,
But that's just the thing,
About the light in your life,
It is not in your hands to decide,
For how long it stays until,
The rain takes your sunshine away,
Cause there is not a place,
Where sunshine will stay,
She was so warm and loving,
Yet scared to love at the same time,
Cause everyone coming close,
Got burned by her light,
So I watched her,
From the other side of the room,
For days and days,
Cause I knew, this way,
Is the only one to let my,
Sunshine stay...

You can't ever hold on to light... But if you try,
You might, light up your own life..

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