Sunday, June 28, 2015

Writing update..

So... We've been working on a manuscript for quite some time now... 
Since it's new to be writing a whole story... 
Why not let you guys decide what you think of our first chapter... 
Worth a pitch or lose it as fast as a bitch?! 

On the 8th of July we'll be sharing the document with all that leave their e-mail to 
... I know should've gotten an easier name.. Sorry! 

By the 12th of July we'll be expecting the wranking game to close and all the feedback will be processed! 

On July 14th we'll be sending one of y'all a special message to who ever had the most honest, creative and best constructive opinion that makes us able to improve before our publishing deadline! :) 

Hints as to what you can win and what the manuscript is about will be dropping on our blog and google plus page in the next days! 

May the wranks be ever in your favour...
XOXO Love,

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