Stood there,
Watching you,
Watching me,
As I see,
This ain't half as bad,
As I thought,
This could be,
I feel you breath,
Coming closer,
To my neck,
You lips,
Almost touching mine,
My every move,
How Am I,
Supposed to,
Move on,
When I can't even,
Turn around,
Without you,
Blinding my view,
As you call,
Out to me,
In a world so,
Black and white,
You are too grey,
Yet who am I,
To say how,
You should live,
When I am not sure,
That I am living,
How I am aught to be,
Now that you,
Have stolen my sanity,
Is there any sense at all,
In being senseless,
Until you come to save,
This denzel in distress?
I just wait,
Until I can watch you,
Watching me again.

I'd wish you let me find some new angel wings.
But I guess that's just what a bad boy brings.

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