They said spread your wings and fly,
but forgot to mention that sometimes merely time flew,
the circle of life gets captured in a square,
and so the Lord tells the flies spread there wings and fly,
and they will pry upon the death,
making new life in larvae,
until they starve in a spiders web,
serve as meal for the make of eggs,
that crawl out of the cracks,
in our houses, where mouses haunt them,
up until the cat catches them,
the hunt is never over, the hunger is never over,
we're all beasts, feasting upon this ground,
for as long as we're bound to hold a heartbeat,
the street is not a dead end,
it is a line of death attached to two roundabouts,
and round and round the circle goes,
we are as the weagons of a carrousel,
moving bodies around and about,
effortless and tirelessly,
until we will spin out of controle,
flying out of our carts,
falling in overdrive onto the ground,
right were we found the pigeon,
our own blood will float over the mark,
the corner comes to the corps on streetcorner,
sees even sooner,
the meaning behind the marking we make in this circle, simple secret to live,
time flew, flies and will flow,
so go, spread your wings and fly,
it's time, to circle round and about.


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