"Eye, eye, I, got my eyes on you,
But I aint yo superwoman, when you keep'n wonder man, when you keep'n wonder when,
Eye, eye, I, got my lies on you,
Keep on callin' me Poison Ivy, 
Might be 'n addict,
But no shady shittin', this slim ass 's perfect fitt 'n, Doctor stapeled real up on my deal, trying to deal 'n my own,
Eminem my man, got it all wrong, Dre aint dead in the basement, he is dragging this wasteland, dreading the treads, he aint threading hearts no more, this traitor tradin' his own makin' for make believin', the fuckin' bleedin will, my'k drop.
Eye, aye, I, got my tries on you,
Keep on beggin' me baby, baby, We're forsaken, have some faith in, featuring the future for platinum deal 'n, 's all in, one, hmmm, them fuckin' eyes lying trying to stating you woke, so blinded by the entitlement to enlightment of his mankind, trying to find honesty disloyaly, the matter be truth hurts his armor, don't question, don't answer, abort mission, retreave, suck it up 'n leave, pretend yo one of Strait Steve's, reintegrate them hearts all back up on that sleezy sleeve.
Eye, aye, I, got my eyes on you,
Searching for any emotion, in the mids all them winds of commotion, aint no degeneration or tries of reincarnation, he considers enough, to shake that unbearable broke mask foun'- foundation, his cerrebalem cortex' concrete creation, the vortex for this perfectionation of his exhaustated frustrations, fraternising with my patience of this lacking soul maintenance. Ai. 
Eye, aye, I, got my eyes on you,
Screaming at the horizon, but he tries on, shippin' every marvelled tale, sorrying my outsoaring pussy off, by sellin' me out for his fuckin' self worth, this phenomenon causes my own man on, the front lines of his shoulder, shooting me down by the boulder, colder, this warrior 's pushing me out, tries to extort the beworded, but won't be willing to spitt it, so I'll be droppin' bars like domino's, no one knows where we fallin' at, my sprongiform 's conforming you ceize it, see us associated as though, inflammation was our only relation, now try n' rationalize the damage drowing my, I. Ai. 
I got my eyes on you."


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