Friday, September 18, 2015

Arm Candy

Saw you in a shimmer,
Start to drown,
I know what I am aught to do,
Yet I can not so I know,
Merely I can be,
Nice arm candy,
I won't ever be able to,
Do the things you ask,
I will not ever be the first,
The one to still the thirst,
For love you have,
Cause I need love myself,
More then you think,
I am sinking inside,
With no more power to withhold,
Nothing left to be told,
And nowhere to hide,
My light is fading,
I feel so clearly,
I only pray that these,
Shimmers you give me,
Won't carry me away...
That thy won't carry me away...
If you do take me as candy for the arm,
Let me be the one with the greatest charm,
So that I can always be close,
To the place I call home,
So that forever more I'll be,
In your arms,
Make me yours.

Let me be your favourite arm candy... 

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