Monday, September 21, 2015

Lost love.

You can not own,
What you choose,
To let loose,
You can not hold on,
To what you let go,
You can not wish,
For the love,
You threw in the trash,
You can not love me,
Out of fear,
That I might love,
Someone else,
One day,
I will no longer be,
Standing here,
Empty hearts,
Will be filled,
If not yours then,
Someone else will,
You can not own,
What you gave away,
Stop trying to win me back,
When there is no place,
For me inside your heart,
You can not love me merely,
For I might fall in love,
With someone else,
Cause darling,
I already did,
Lost love is all I left for you,
Lost love is what I have for you,
Lost love is the thing remaining true,
Lost love between me and you.

They never warn you about the most addictive drug of all,

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