From the outside,
Looking in,
Was never fun,
I can not remember,
I ever laughed upon that,
Yet last night I did,
The smile I could feel,
Forming on my face,
Was perfectly in place,
For they are so my own,
That their happiness,
Is mine as well,
Thy where so happy,
As in times I had not seen,
Their faces light up like this,
I felt it inside my bones too,
The igniting feeling,
Of the beginning of things,
The mystery,
The longing,
The flow,
I am only hoping,
That is only the begin,
Of so much more left,
To share.

I loved their beginning as much, as they. I think it's in the way,
They are so much my own, that I long to see smiles stick on their faces.
For that I would play all my ases. 


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