You see merely your shadow.

At my insomniated nights,
I used to crawl out my window,
Sit on the roof and stare,
Just stop all that I was thinking bout,
Gaze at the universe,
I wonder then,
About the galaxies inside,
My mind,
Why the hell,
Would anyone want to,
Make sense of that?
Yet you did,
Without warning me,
You suddenly said,
All the things I am afraid,
To tell myself,
You know which constellations,
I have and have not,
Witch to adres,
And when to dismiss,
The stars that are just too bright,
For this love,
If I may,
Let my thoughts flow,
I'd only think,
You are what I dream of,
Only when I am awake,
For I am frightened to wake up,
If I'd found you in my dreams as well...
Phantom me,
Learn me to read myself,
The way you seem to master me. 

Stars shine brighter then you think,
For daling you are a star,
And all you see,
Is merely your shadow.

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