Confess to Happiness

Soon I came to notice,
That in this life we live,
Often so as if it demands us,
To breath in automatic motion,
We forget that feeling things,
The beating of our heart,
And the toughts we strike,
Shouldn't be automatic,
See happiness is not something,
Or someone,
It is inside of you,
Like all of your demons,
In every nerve, every cell you own,
It may multiply or be ill,
All up to you my friend,
The sooner you see,
What struck me as purpose,
The sooner you'll be,
Completely free,
There is no one to complete you,
Nothing that will make you happy,
No goals to be chased,
Merely you have yourself,
Thank God for that cause,
Yourself is all you need,
Everything you are,
Everything you will ever be,
Lays inside of you stored out on display,
The moment you are at peace,
With all these things stored there,
Is the moment the pure happiness,
Inside of you springs off as a cancer,
Growing without a stop,
Until happiness has possessed all of you,
Until you are happiness itself.

Happiness depends upon ourselves - Aristotle quotes. 

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