Hold on to letting go.

Find myself,
Where I have,
Not been before,
Some might state,
I am lost,
Yet your eyes,
They look at me,
Like I am home,
I have found,
The parts,
Of a once shattered heart,
The last one,
Firmly clanched inside,
Your fingertips,
Last lesson to learn,
I ask you,
As you puzzle me,
"How can I hold on to this?"
I don't want to lose myself,
Nor you, I can not,
"Let it all go..."
You told me,
So I went on and got gone,
Now I seem to find,
That by letting it go,
I did not let go of myself or thy,
Gravity was all I lost,
Now I am falling,
As never before...

You make me feel, As if I had never been understood,
By anyone else before...
In letting go of it all, In forgetting the world with you,
I finally found something to hold on to.

Thank you for that. 

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