Friday, September 25, 2015

Maybe more then two.

She could find herself,
In the littlest things,
Like sunshine and laughter,
Or the desire to be at two places,
At the same time,
Not knowing,
She always was.
I can not recall,
A moment in time,
That she was with me,
In the right here,
Right now,
She'd always been wondering,
Off into space,
Into her dreams or imagination,
The way her eyes would gaze,
Made it pretty sure to me,
That there was only one,
My only one,
Ever since that day,
I have not once met,
A woman quite like her,
I told her,
Go ahead,
I'll find another you,
Now I find her,
In the littlest things,
Like the smell of the rain,
Songs we used to sing,
Every thing that I miss,
Not knowing,
She always was,
The only one,
Inside my heart,
The only one,
At two places at the same time,
Carried inside my heart,
And where she really was.

She was at two place at the same time,
In my heart, and where she was herself.
Forever she'll be, as she wished,
In two places, at the same time. 

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