Monday, September 21, 2015

Fear of fear.

No longer,
Have I,
The power,
To dare,
These thoughts,
Inside my head.

I withhold,
These screams,
Roaring in fear,
Of my cares,
Caring too much,
For you,
Too much to handle,
For my hands.

Ask you,
If you desire,
To pull once more,
At the wires,
Mixed up,
Make me,
Feel again,
As I am aught to.

Oh heal me,
Take this reverie,
I am in,
Turn it around,
For apparently,
We are not,
Equipped ourselves,
To do so. 

Don't look at me...
I was not honest.
I can not tell you,
What I think,
For I fear you might fear my,

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