Monday, September 7, 2015

Not yours...

The way that you,
Pull me in,
Wrap your arm,
Around me,
Like I'm a present,
In your presence,
Makes me sick,
I throw it away,
Like trash in my can,
Did you fail to,
Notice that,
I'm not yours anymore?
They was you eager eyes,
Search for people near,
If the cost is clear,
I can only say,
I hope I made the bullet,
That shoots you down,
The kind of man,
That makes me mad,
She's alone at home,
When your here,
Asking me for attention,
But haven't you heard...
I'm not yours anymore,
I'm not yours anymore,
You've got your daling home,
Don't try with me,
When she's waiting,
Cause I'm not yours anymore.

Fuck words, fuck all the things, you ever said.
Fuck you. I'm not yours anymore.

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