Friday, September 25, 2015

She doesn't even know.

The way you say,
That I am beautiful,
Makes me almost believe,
Yet the fact,
That you add,
It's sad that I just don't know,
It all myself,
Has me wondering,
If you are as serious,
About these matters we share,
As am I,
For thy al say the same,
I do not know,
What I am worth,
Then why would you mention?
What that worth is,
Maybe I am too damaged to understand,
But I would never tell you,
Just how much more,
Then me, you deserve,
For if you'd knew,
I am sure you'd leave me,
Then again,
Maybe that's what I can not,
See myself,
But I wouldn't mind,
If you'd spend forever,
Trying to make me see.

You really have no clue how beautiful you are,
Do you? 

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