Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Love me not like I do.

These words are in my mind,
In my heart,
In my soul,
Yet they do not touch my mouth,
Too poisonous,
How could I say it out loud?
What I am so scared to think about...
I am not ready,
To live, to love,
I am not ready,
For the time to pass us by,
I am not ready,
For life,
Yet I am here,
And I'll have to keep moving,
Everyone falls,
Or flies,
And they either die or rise,
So here I stand on the crossroad,
With my heart in my hand,
Wondering if it would be fine,
If I would sacrifice me?
I could completely turn to oblivion,
Die and rejoice,
To come back as another person,
One that might be able,
To love herself,
So that in return,
She'll be able to love another,
Like her.
If I could,
You know I would,
I'd do it all,
For you,
Sacrifies me.

I think, I am convinced, that the hardest person to love,
Is yourself.

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