Tuesday, September 22, 2015

No rules.

Days turn to weeks,
Since I last,
Felt the warmth,
On my skin,
Not only to begin,
To mention,
The way I miss,
You in moments,
We never shared,
How odd am I,
Now that for once,
I am the one,
Falling first,
Without logic,
Without reasons,
Here I find myself,
Thinking of you,
All the time,
When it does not,
Feels as if time passes at all,
Maybe in that lays,
Why I fancy you,
Too much already,
You make me forget,
All the things that,
Used to consume me,
Like time, rules and reasons,
I do not need them anymore,
I alone need you.

Oh, I am so utterly, devestatingly falling for you..

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