Little big things

My all,
Seem to,
Hold little,
Now that,
You took,
All I am,
With you,
Taken my words,
From my mind,
My mouth,
Stole my thoughts,
Poured them,
Around like,
Sprinkles of emotion,
My voice,
Does not tremble,
Does not roar,
My voice is not here,
I have nothing,
To say,
My words,
My all,
Seem so little,
Now that I am,
No longer so small,
Words aren't the only one,
You are,
The only one,
To hold my soul,
Inside your hands,
I beg you,
Don't draw your sword,
You are,
The only one,
That is me,
That is my words,
Even when they are,
Little... This is big.

Silence me, and remember, that I am here,
If you come back around, know, that have become the
world to me, for you know I exist,
Even when I don't. 

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