Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fuzzy Busy

Doing fine just on my own,
But this fever has grown,
Now I am just hoping,
That I'll survive,
Like an addict,
I am trying to run away,
From the one thing,
That will catch me,
Only when I am,
The one making it able,
For me to be chased,
I can not stay,
I can not go,
No where to turn,
No where to hide,
No nothing's left,
To lift,
This feeling I've got,
Maybe I am just,
More of a swing in the step,
The party of the life,
Then the life of the party is,
Who shall say,
That I am,
Doing just fine,
On my own,
Time has flown.

We are so busy with being occupied that we forget,
Ourself deserves just as much time of us,
Than any other does...

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