Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Brother Sister Day.

Driving trough the streets today,
With the windows down,
It's hard not to think,
About the endless summers,
We shared on that boat dock.

Driving trough the streets tonight,
With the light flickering,
To the beat of the music,
How hard not to shout,
Like we used to at the sound,
Of Coldplay, ACDC or The Rolling Stones...

Driving in the lane,
Turning to park and re-do it,
I can hear you tell me,
That this is not the way,
Or the angle,
As you always did.

Step into my place,
So cold and silent,
Without your tv show on,
Things you thought,
You'd never miss,
You suddenly do...

Now that I am full grown,
Living on my own,
I can only say that I found,
We have an incredible bound,
That's what brothers and sisters are for,
A connection with the past,
With your roots and your future,
A best friend by birth.

All the nights your protect me from danger I
do not see, oh you the best big bro for me.

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