Saturday, September 12, 2015

Break it to make it.

Isn't it strange how calm,
We can be during the storm,
Only to collapse afterwards,
Strange, oh so strange to me,
For if we where,
To shut down in the middle,
Of the storm,
We would be little,
But just as heavy as before,
Maybe even heavier,
So the storm would be unable,
To hurt us and hit us,
In the way it does,
As we keep on standing,
Maybe that's why,
You are always stronger then you think,
For we endure more pain,
Only so we can learn the lesson,
We think we need to learn,
Cause honestly,
What is the reason for you,
To choose to make life harder then it is?
It will not make you wiser,
Or deeper, or better or really anything,
Accept for less happier,
So collapse,
Fall apart,
You are worth it.

How can emptiness be so heavy?
I wonder to myself as I scroll trough we heart it over and over.

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