Heavy heart

"Cause I'm heavy hearted..."
The only reason,
Why anyone could get in,
I need someone,
Carry me for a mile,
I got a heavy heart,
It's wearing me down,
It holds the weight,
Of all my memories,
Fools everyone to think,
That I am what,
Has happend to me,
I am not the weight,
Of all I ever have had,
I only have a heavy heart,
Too much I feel,
Too much for me to hold,
I can not bare,
This heavy heart,
"Take a part,
Break it,
I beg you,
Break my heart,
It's to heavy,
Too hold,
Take what you want,
There is no use,
In this heavy heart,
For me."
I get carried away,
So easily,
For every lift up,
Feels like falling.

This heavy heart of mine, will take us down, in time. 

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