You turned 22,
You couldn't stay 21 forever,
But they say "never say never",
Cause you were,
As 21 as anyone could be,
Young, wild & free,
You've got the key to life, This amazing drive,
Kind of like a leaders strive,
You don't jump and fall, you dive,
I've never seen anyone so alive,

You turned 22 tonight,

Partying in the neon light,
Music louder than height,
In that moment the fire inside,
Will burst and ignite,
One night you're infinite,

22 is merely just a number,

It's mysterious yet so serious,
Aging it's ordinary and scary,
Its beauty and duty all at the same time,
I know some nights you feel scared,
Thinking you're unprepared,
Of the future that lays ahead,
In late hours wondering,
Don't you recall everything I said?
Over thinking in you're new bed...
I can't predict or tell you what you are gonna be,
So I'll just stick to what I've come to understand
,Life is all about what you can,
Not what you can't,
In time you'll figure out,
Nothing good comes from doubt,
Maybe it's just one crazy idea, But couldn't life be all about what you want to see?

You're gonna become 23 this whole next year,

One of these day's it's gonna become clear,
You're you're own life's engineer,
You can let tears and fears... Appear as well as letting them disappear,
Everything no matter how hard is worth the road down to travel,
Of you're hearts unknown feelings that unravel...

You're 22,

I envy you,
Promise me you'll peruse,
All these joyful feelings,
Those lifting you higher than ceilings,
That you'll be thinking out of the box,
Be unafraid of the ticking clocks,
Never let something form a block,
Then every door will open for you're knock,
If you can't promise a miracle or something unbelievable,
At least promise me that you'll stay beautiful...

play the moments, pause the memories, stop the pain,
and rewind the happiness.

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