Just Some Wisdom

Is the difference between what we are,
Who we were, And who we are gonna be our destiny?
Or is it a choice you make, the view you choose to see?
Is life simple or complicated?
It's seems as if all surrounding me are so frustrated,
Intoxicated, unrelated and somehow recreated,
I don't understand, I just can't .....
How did everyone turn so blind,
When it comes to the one thing in life you're supposed to find?
Am I way ahead of the secret? Or are they far behind?
It seems to me, myself,
That you shouldn't live life walking around on you toes,
Always trying to reach the top shelf,
If you do what makes you're day joyful,
Every day you live could be a miracle, unbelievable, incredible...
It seems like were all so caught up in how to be happy,
And so busy with wanting it that we get slappy,
It's not about who has the most,
It's not about who gets there first,
or what things cost,
It's about whats been there and never got lost...
Joy, family, unconditional love, worthwhile memories and friends,
Those are the things that matter when we come to our ends,
If we all realized it right away,
No one would waste another day,
In that kind of world,
Can you imagine the heavenly stay?!

Heavenly stay.

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