Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My heart

My heart,
I would trade my heart,
Trade my heart for yours,
My heart for yours to take away,
To take away you're pain,
You're pain I would carry,
I would carry it for you,
For you because,
Because i care more for you're heart,
Care more for you're heart then mine,
Then mine happiness,
Happiness or grace,
Grace is what you need,
What you need to breathe,
To breathe I'd give you everything,
Give you everything for when,
When you find yourself breathless,
Breathless you would run into my arms,
Run into my arms,
Run into my arms,
And I'll carry you,
Carry you through the night,
Everything will be alright,
I'll hold you tight,
Till the morning light,
So when the world is crashing,
Crashing all around you,
Around you they start to run,
Start to run to me,
Run to me,
Run to me,
And out of breath I'll save you,
Save you because two,
Two is better then one.

I would give away, risk or trade every heart I own in life,
For you, I would gamble it all on you.

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