Tuesday, December 10, 2013


You make choices terrified that you let someone down,
But you let me down,
For you're starting to drown,
You drown in pleasing all,
When it's you taking the fall,
Trying to win from the wonder wall,
And when the time comes you're felling small,
It's my name you start to call,
Eventually it's gonna be me taking you're fall,
You tell me about all you're worry.s,
And come along with at least 15 sorry's,
You even apologize for how you think you make me feel,
Whenever you come forward with this appeal,
because it's my heart that you steal,
And we both don't know how to deal,
How to deal with this situation,
So much stuffed in frustration,
We are getting lost in translation,
For a fraction of time you were mine,
The two of us weren't supposed to behold,
The story being unfold or getting told,
You were a daydream unable to get to a hold,
Two souls together grown so old,
Priceless like pure gold,
We go our separate ways lately,
And now I only see you merrily or slightly,,
St night in the dark when we both bravely,
Try to speak out words so clearly not spoken out,
Without a doubt,
You're still the one I fantasize or dream about,
Don't you worry your sweet heart,
For you always play a part,
In my little work of art,
Till I decide what to do,
I'll just keep writing to you,
And peruse to try and find someone like you,
That with all my love maybe I could value.

let's go back to summer, do it all again, over, better this time.

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