Baby girl

He said listen baby girl,
Don't you worry,
You're pretty face,
One day soon,
He'll be sorry,
When he sees,
The image of you're face,
In every space,
Hears you're voice,
In every place,
And he'll come back,
Because of you,
All for you,
It seems so long ago,
So far away,
But I still hope,
The words are true,
Because I care for you...

She said listen baby girl,
Better lost than never loved at all,
But she didn't had to make the fall,
She doesn't hear you call,
It's easy to say anything,
When you don't know everything,
They said listen baby girl,
Even if it's not what you wanted,
He still led,
You're life ahead,
Now you know,
That if he loves you,
And you love him,
Then maybe that is in love,

So I said to you listen babe,
You don't own me anything,
You paid me well,
In loving memories,
Underneath the summer night skies,
With you're sweet eyes,
You paid me well,
Before I fell,
Know I'm just left,
Remembering it all to well.

My mind and memory remember it all to well.

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