Inching pinch

There we stood again tonight,
Just an inch away,
No words said,
Nothing shared,
Only faking smiles,
Covered crying eyes,
Can't one of us be wise?
Not focus on the fear,
But the price,
Why wouldn't it be able,
To out the verdict east and stable,
I could be more than friends,
Without future plans,
I can, so what about you?
Why are you making it so hard,
To let all you ask me for start,
Why are you running for cover,
When you keep saying I'm you one-in-a-lifetime-lover?
For I never said those kind of words,
They make me frightened,
Yet somehow it feel lightened,
To be on someones mind,
And not being first te get left behind,
So just go and stand you're man,
Or make a new plan,
Without me in it,
Without one of us taking the hit,
Go and collect you're jar of hearts,
Collect all of these girls favorite parts,
Leave them cold,
And make you're wings unfold,
Look in the mirror again,
After all the attention when,
You're ready to look and say,
That you're gonna make it a good day,
But don't say to me or her talk to you later,
Because it's always to late for later te come,
And most of the times,
Then you're gone,
To collect new shiny dimes,
To find yourself shiny eyes,
So stop saying talk to you later,
Because it's like a bomb making me left as a crater,
No more later unless you take it in you're own hands,
To become anything more or less than just friends,
It's just a little bit away an inch,
But oh my my that inch make quite an inching pinch...

It's like we can't pass the line,
Like it would be a crime,
Oh oh this inching pinch...

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