Sunday, December 22, 2013

Take care

When I go back in flashes,
I wish he didn't press Send,
I wish he took a car and lent,
Me a moment to say,
Hey babe you know,
I don't know,
So take care,
Take care babe,
Take care of yourself,
But he didn't,
He couldn't take it,
To see my face,
Was it really that hard,
To do the right thing,
To end this fling?
You said you would,
Do anything you could,
Then please whisper to me,
Take care,
Take care babe,
For that all,
That all that you should,
You should've said,
But you forgot,
You forgot to shoot,
Me when you shot,
I'm sure you don't want to,
But you need to,
Because of me,
And because of what we could be,
You don't have to be true,
It just has to come from you,
Tell me to,
Take care,
Take care babe,
Whisper to me,
Take care,
Those words I can bare,
Not that burden you leave me with,
The pacing back and forth makes me stiff,
I can't breathe,
I can't leave,
And if you knew me,
Like I know you,
Like the back of my hand,
You would understand,
You would say,
By the way,
I wish you could stay,
But it wouldn't be fair,
So babe take care,
I'll see you when I get there,
My dolly babe take care...

If you had only said take care, I would've understand...

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