Thursday, December 12, 2013


Slow late night sweet talk,
Warm future conversations,
With all you're patience,

We giggle, we cry,
Without the try,
Of finding a reason why,
No need to know,
Just let the thought flow,
Let yourself go,

Without fear, There is no courage,
Life is about luggage,
It shouldn't make you scary,
Together we can carry,
Every weight trying to weigh us down,

Forever you can live,
Not by getting but give,
Make a home in you're heart,
For thats always where you need to start,
I will carry you around,
Until we've found,
A place to be,
Infinity, you and me.

For when you'll find you're way back to me I'll carry all my
love around for you just in case, you'll ever come back...

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