Made you up

Inside myself I'm wandering,
I'm like a ghost in my own head,
I just can't forget,
The late night kiss we had,
You're too nice,
I've won the biggest price,
But I'm scared rollin the dice,
I'm not some reckless,
I'm that girl wearing a church neckless,
I'm not a fire starter,
I'm a bit smarter,
I'm not a bad ass,
A smoke a pass,
I never skip class,
But you, You're making me rebel,
I'm crawling out of my shell,
You give me the drive to be more alive,
I love who I am becoming,
No more nomming,
Not a single doubt,
you're all I think about,
You kept me awake for all these nights,
No bright city lights,
Because If you never came showing,
I would live my life without knowing,
That you can lay awake because reality,
Is better than being dreamy,
I could have never made you up this good,
I never could...
Made you up this good...

I could've never dreamed you up so good....

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