Monday, December 16, 2013

He, You, Me

He asked me on a date,
I went,
Told myself to get over you,
Told myself this is what I'm supposed to do,
But there is no one quite like you...

He tried to steal a kiss,
But I couldn't,
Told myself to get over it,
It's what supposed to be but I couldn't,
No one comes near you...

He told me he was in love with me,
I was silent,
As he waited for reply,
There was only one reason why,
No one comes as close as you...

He said that he would wait,
That my loyalty was something special,
Yet it isn't,
I'm just in denial because he isn't supposed to,
He shouldn't do,
For nothing works as good as me & you...

He apologized for it all,
Even when he was the one to fall,
I turned around and took my phone,
Not to scare him away or to be alone,
But because it is you I need to call,
Maybe I shouldn't or maybe it's supposed to,
Because I can't settle for anyone but you...

So I'll myself what I'm supposed to do,
In a split second I would choose for you...
There is no one out there for me when it's not you.

not even for one second we thought, that this what we had could,
at some point in time get lost,
but it did. 

Like this? Like us! :))

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