You told me to wish on a falling star,
You took my eyelash of my eyelid,
Making a wish,
but don't tell let it be hid,
The most beautiful moment of all that i reminis,
That sweet forehead kiss,
Oh how I miss,
A moment like this...

How could i give you up?
When these treasurous memories keep popping up?
I could never trow all these feelings away,
I can't pretent I don't think of you everyday,
It's my own minds trap,
Going over every single stap,
All the places we stood,
I remember it all so good...

Can't you tell?
I'm still under you're spell,
I remember us all to well,
And it hurt like hell,

When you stand close and cry,
You're tears I can't dry,
Cuz you're nothing near mine,
And you trying to keep strong,
Telling me you're fine,
But you can only be strong for so long,
The more I ask,
The more you lose you're mask...

You're asking me to wait,
To have faith,
But I can't keep holding on,
To someone who's always gone,
It used to be so easy till you made it a drama,
You're inability to choose,
It's becoming my dilemma,
For you I would fight, I don't want to lose,
For the first time of my life,
I'm ready to do anything,
Because you made yourself my everything...

You told me not to believe,
In their deceive,
With that you made myself you're achieve,
I'm yours,
To hold doors,
Or wipe you're tears,
Saving you from you fears,
I haven't got a lot,
But can't we just give it a shot?

I could love you 24/7 but would you do too?

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