Tuesday, December 17, 2013

eye to eye

We're standing in the same room,
Same place as where we first started,
First time not only face to face,
But also eye to eye,
you made it disappear,
You put you're lips close to mine,
You're cheek touches mine,
Putting you're lips another split second close,
As long as they don't touch,
As long as we don't kiss,
We should be able to be friends right?
We could laugh and make jokes,
We could talk and drink,
We could do anything but kiss,
Anything but start to miss,
The other half of the perfect fit lips,
The arms around our hips,
The other half a couple,
That was never coupled,
We're standing in the same room,
The same place as we first started,
Maybe if we didn't parted,
We still stayed here,
We still stood together,
Face to face and eye to eye,
I'm forgetting all the reasons why,
I'm forgotten why I must forget you...

I am forgetting why I must forget you.


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