Sunday, December 15, 2013

Everyone talkes

She walked over,
And talked over,
And laughed over,
All over you,
Right in front of me,
She was trying to,
Say to me that,
I should run away,
Now that I still can,

He asked all about,
He thought he knew all about,
He assumed all about,
All about you,
Right there next to me,
He was trying to,
Say to me,
Just slowly let you fade,
For he was afraid,
I might feel fooled or played,
Just let it fade,
Now that I still can,

They made jokes,
They made fun,
They made gossip,
All over you,
Right there in the same place,
Can you imagine the look on my face,
I told them it's not easy,
They should try to understand,
But more than that I can't,
Now that I still can,
Now that they still say,
Hey girl say him I said hi,
Now I still get by,

Everyone talks,
And everyone walks,
But don't let them walk over you,
When you don't want it to,
Just remember in the back of you're mind,
That I never ran away,
Even though there were many who say,
That I've should have,
But I don't look back in regret,
I think it's a good fact,
That I ignored when they said,
Run away,
Cause I'd stay...

Everyone talks, everyone does gossip.

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