Tuesday, December 10, 2013

End this way...

I must say,
I didn't think we would end this way,
But I'm okay,
For the first time in my life,
I didn't defended my heart with a knife,
As we mean nothing I arrive,
Still laughing and thinking I'm wild and alive,
I made it trough,
I'll survive,
And because I know I should be proud now,
I wonder how somehow,
My body doesn't allow my mind to tell the secret wow,
Of now-how to my empty soul,
It will come with a next lover it said,
You.... I don't want to forget,
But still I must convince myself to look ahead,
To make up my bed,
Without you, so sad,
We could've been a book,
A story to be told,
Now were just paper hidden somewhere to be shred,
Never getting to be unfold,
Little pieces will fall on the ground,
Blown by the wind like feathers and dust,
The wind isn't allowed to rest,
For my hopes are high that a little piece of paper,
Will finds it way to you're bedroom window,
And maybe about me you'll dream,
Secretly in that dream as soft and slow as a whisper I'll scream,
I'll tell you to get back to me,
And love me again,
Like we could,
If you just would,
Dream about me like you should,
And if you don't at least I hope you almost do...

I hope a little piece of paper will finds it way in the wind,
Trough you're bedroom window and makes you think,
Of me...

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