fairytales fails

When I was younger,
In fairytales... They never told that prince charming,
Is not only enchanting and heartwarming,
There had to be a warning,
For the haunting feeling,
Thats getting left behind,
When the tale comes to an end,
And the fairy's wings are bend,
When there is no more magic,
And all that remains is a story too tragic,
To ever be hold,
The story is just to cold,
There will never be spoken off,
It's been seen enough,
No more fairytale,
Just breathe in and out,
You can't live without,
Having hope for a fairytale,
Even if every time you get you're hopes up,
It comes to a fail,
Just try to never grow up,
Keep the believe,
In all that you could achieve,
Memorize the words,
Being singed by birds,
Keep holding on,
To the last song...
Keep waiting for prince charming,
One day he'll appears without a warning...

One day prince charming will come and take me away.

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