I will wait

I can't help myself it's you I'm dreaming of,
Because it's you that I love,
And I know it takes a long time getting to know you,
But if you do,
When you shine,
You'll made me realize,
You're the greatest thing I've ever called mine,
Oh oh when you shine,
And all my girlfriends they go out and drink wine,
I don't and I won't cuz I don't need to,
Kiss all these boy and acting like they are toys,
And it's perfectly fine,
That I knew you and I don't like wine,
Because even if you had never asked me to,
I still would have waited for you,
Because you're sweet smile and that shine,
Are the best things I've ever called mine,
Now that you're no longer next to me,
I don't know for sure,
If I've ever still see,
You knocking at my door,
With those shining eyes,
A child in a mans disguise,
No matter if I win or lose,
No matter what you choose,
Don't you ever forget,
You're promising late night drunkin chat,
Don't forget out sunset.

I'll wait forever if you please me to my love...

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