Friday, December 20, 2013

Better place

Were the new generation,
With some numb sensation,
It seems that Starbucks,
And saying school sucks,
Are the latest drugs,

Our future love life's all have an easy summary,
We only marry, Because were to scary,
For a real marriage,
We divorce out of lack of knowledge,
Not knowing what to do when there's an edge,

It just makes me so frustrated,
This world filled with pain and hatred,
No even close to moving ahead,
Inside all souls are dead,

It's all about money and fame,
And it's always the parents we blame,
Oh what a shame,
Were losing this beautiful world we built,
To anger, war and guilt,

Please anyone in you're future plans,
Give you're soul a chance,
Making this world a better place,
Simply by putting a simply on you're face...

Stay positive, be happy, live free, and soon you'll be in a better place.

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