Words mean so little,
When spoken to late,
So speechless without faith,
Meaningful word without meaning,
No more believe in you're believing,
Yet you're eyes are so deceiving,
it's so tragic,
The fact that we had magic,
There is no fight,
We stranded at the end,
So sad it's gone,
We stumble on silent alone,
We were just brief,
But for what was I still grief,
You're this badass,
Making me skip class,
Our own fire we used start,
Drunkin on holy water,
Laughing a little louder,
Acting a little prouder,
Light up each others hearts,
Not breaking it to parts,
Still stumbling on,
Moving on seems so wrong,
Looking back summer seemed so long,
I wish I could repeat it like you're favorite song.

People change, memories dont.
Words are just air, actions speak louder.

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