Sunday, December 15, 2013

Black and white

You and me,
City lights to see,
Walking unknown roads,
See the floating boats,
Holding hands down the street,
Feeling nothing underneath,
When we drive,
Feeling more alive,
Wondering round,
To see if one of us found,
A home in this big old city,
If not, that's pity,
But if I do I take you with me,
To show you how it could be,
And if you do,
You do it to,
Black and white,
I've gotten to much and you to little pride,
You've give to much and I to little I hide,
I'm a believer and you're a dreamer,
I'm the do it, and you're the how about the hit?
We fit like ying and yan,
Don't you think we can,
Because you started the conversation,
I thought with all this frustration,
But actually it was so sweet,
If you take the steering wheel,
I'll let you lead,
Just make me feel,
That you're the one that leads,
But the drumming beats,
No more standing on you're feet,
Cause now you're gonna lead.

dont walk, dance. notebook again, lets make plans.

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