Thursday, December 12, 2013

Didn't I told you..

Didn't I told you,
... There is nothing you can't so,
... I would wait for you,
... It's in the little things you do,
In the middle of the night by the church,
I had this huge urge,
To tell as if my heart is on my sleeve,
That for this lost I grief,
Because I still believe,
One day we won't part,
We stay,
I hear it in the littlest tones from the words you say,
We could be okay,
You'er voice hangs when you stay my name,
When you try to give me the blame,
For you told me you're were trouble,
Gosh it sound so double,
You say you want me,
But I can't do what I want,
For time says it can't,
You think I'm ridicules,
Have you ever heard you're own spoken words...
Maybe than you see,
It has nothing to do with me,
All we talk about, all we do,
It's all about you,
Even when you say what I should do,
It always has something to do about you,
I should because you couldn't,
I need to because you shouldn't,
I need to promise what you can't,
That doesn't sound fair now does it?
It's not like I wouldn't do it anyway,
It's just so unkind to say,
Or to deny when I tell,
About someone who want to know me well,
You're only response is to say it's so hard,
So I can't try to find a new start,
Because for you it's too hard,
How do you think I feel when I offer you,
Anything you could never do,
I gave you a wildcard,
A score without chart,
It's not good enough,
So stop making this so rough,
Choose me or let me go,
For I can't keep running after you're shadow,
It's not something I must swallow,
You need to choose,
What you wanna win and lose,
You're biggest problem is you can't choose,
Start honey, It's gonna be hard,
I know for you it's hard,
But someday you're gonna have to start...

If I told you I missed you, would you come back?
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