Monday, December 16, 2013


I drowning on solid ground,
I see the ground underneath my feet,
But I can't feel it,
I'm swimming with my feet,
I'm gasping for air,
But it appears to be no where,
I'm rowing with my arms,
But no one hears the alarms,
There is no oxygen in the substance I breathe,
My thoughts just disappear,
The tears feel like acid on my skin,
The tears are burning in,
The scars and battle wounds,
All the bumps and bruises,
I'm losing that one piece that was left,
You stole it,
Haunting theft,
I'm dead inside,
I've aint got nothing,
Nothing left to lose,
I'm drowning on solid ground,
Please just let me die,
Let me go home...

There's no air, no air...

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